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hey dave, its stef (From act), FRIEND ME now!
k thnks
my GOD dave, friend me.
THEO!! Hey this is laura g, and yes, I'm going to continue calling you theo because it's yay I got a to friendsizzle me? =]
I love/miss you!
hey dave, add me.
its a new lj name.

p.s. I MISS YOU<3
♥♥ mary

Of course I'll add you, sorry for the delay.

p.s. Let's hang out ASAP.
I miss seeing you everyday in class!

You're hair was GORGEOUS today.


January 14 2006, 18:40:40 UTC 12 years ago

Hi, it's Jamie. Add me? I'd like to get to know you better.
Um, friend me. thanks bye.
yo yo yo gangsterrrrr.
i'm bored so you should friend me so i can never come on this thing.
anywayssssss...... this is what happens when people stay up talking on the phone very loudly not allowing me to go to sleep and it becomes 3am and i become insanely over tired to the point where i start making random accounts.

and yeah, i love youuuuuuu!
wicked mean that you deleted me. :(